Store Help

The following provides guidance in using the Everware-CBDI store

Prices and Taxes

Prices are initially shown including tax or VAT as appropriate to the visitor's location.

Actual liability for tax or VAT will be determined after login and on checkout.

  • All customers physically located in the UK at the time of purchase will be invoiced VAT at 20% on checkout.
  • Regardless of physical location,
    • All UK customers will be invoiced VAT at 20% on checkout.
    • Other EU customers who provide a valid VAT registration number, will not be invoiced for VAT on checkout.
  • Non-EU customers who are not physically located in the EU at the time of purchase will not be invoiced for VAT
  • (note: VAT registered companies may recover VAT charges as usual)

Purchasing on Behalf of Others

The purchase of Everware-CBDI products can be made by one person (the Purchaser) - for example an administrator - on behalf of another (the recipient). When the Purchaser goes to the checkout, they will be asked to nominate whether the purchase is for themselves or another person. If it is for another person, then the purchaser will be asked to provide the email of the recipient. If the recipient does not have an account then one will be created so that they can access the purchased materials. The recipient will be emailed with their account details and how to access the purchased materials.

We can also deal with this process manually should you wish. Contact Everware-CBDI to discuss.

Corporate or Bulk Orders

If you wish to purchase Everware-CBDI products at an organization or team level and have multiple users who require access to eLearning or the Knowledgebase, then we have separate team site for this purpose that is not handled via eCommerce.   Contact Everware-CBDI to discuss.


Payment may be made using credit cards, Paypal or bank transfer.  Customers wishing to pay via purchase order should contact Everware-CBDI.


On acceptance of payment, access to the contents of their purchase will vary according to product type.

  • Downloads. Downloadable content such as reports or tools can be immediately accessed via the order. See Manage your orders.
  • eLearning. eLearning content can be immediately accessed via the order. See Manage your orders. Note that eLearning content is run online. There is no download.
  • Certification. Certification is run online. You will be sent login credentials and the URL of the certification exam by separate email within the same or next working day.
  • Knowledegebase Access. Knowledgebase access is hosted online. You will be sent login credentials and the URL of the Knowledgebase by separate email within the same or next working day.

Certification Process:

  1. Students study appropriate eLearning materials. Certification exams are based entirely on the content in elearning.
  2. Students are set up as students in the online certification system, and receive email invites to take exams.
  3. Exams are in parts. Each part has a time limit of 1-2 hours depending on topic. Typically around 30 multiple choice questions. Each question can only be answered once.
  4. Students can retake an exam once if they fail – without incurring a retake fee.
  5. On successful completion, Everware-CBDI send out PDF and printed certificates

Payment or Process Problems

Please use the contact form should you have any problems or questions.

Terms & Conditions

Some terms and conditions are product specific. Please see the appropriate product page.

General conditions for products sold via ecommerce:

This License is for use by single individuals in end user and service provider enterprises including commercial and government organizations.

This License is restricted to one named individual, you the Licensee. The modules may be accessed and/or used only by you. Sharing of Log-in details is not permitted. The License is not transferrable. You agree to take all reasonable actions to protect, assert, and defend Everware-CBDI’s ownership rights in the modules.

For full terms & conditions see the License.

Company Information

ecommerce transactions on this website are conducted with Everware-CBDI International.

  • Registered Office: Everware-CBDI International Ltd. Lynwood House, Crofton Road, Orpington, Kent, UNITED KINGDOM
  • Company Number: 3430002
  • VAT Number: GB689 1642 88