Service Factory as a Service Now Available

December 2013: Everware-CBDI Inc, a leader in service oriented architecture, delivery and modernization now provide a Service Factory as a Service offering, a combination of professional services and development automation specialized for software service delivery.

The software factory concept is built on model based architecture (MDA) and model based development (MDD) approaches that establish UML models  with sufficient detail to drive pattern based code generation.  The Everware-CBDI Service Factory as a Service is a specialization of the software factory concept that optimizes the full life cycle of software service specification and delivery to enable higher quality services, delivered faster at lower cost, with management of delivery artifacts to facilitate low cost iteration and ongoing evolution.

The Service Factory concept will be of interest to larger enterprises,system integrators,projects or programs that have the requirement to deliver and evolve large numbers of services with a requirement for quality and consistency across the portfolio. The Service Factory facilitates delivery of SOA Web Services or REST Services with cross platform implementation options.

The Service Factory as a Service (SFaaS) provides a a specialized twin-track approach for software services that is complementary with a regular solution delivery track,  both in-house and outsourced, either Agile or conventional processes. The SFaaS may also be used solely for specification only, in order to establish higher quality specification deliverables for delivery contracting and or publishing purposes.

See Service Factory as a Service for further information: