Are You Really Delivering the Agile Business?

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Agile Service Factory: Enabler of the really agile business: 

Large enterprises find transformation hard and time consuming and the legacy portfolio acts as a massive brake on new strategies. Realizing effective enterprise architecture is constantly undermined by standalone Agile projects and point solutions that frequently add to the legacy integration problem.

The Agile Service Factory (ASF) is a new approach, a framework that leverages Design by Contract and the narrow service pattern set that establishes a customized, reusable application platform infrastructure to support an automated and Agile requirements, modernization, delivery and evolution process. The outcomes are architecture compliant, high integrity software services with extraordinary productivity and quality. The ASF is a highly customizable component of an aPaaS or on premise delivery environment that uses open, non-proprietary languages and tooling, with no run time licenses. The ASF capability is delivered as a hosted or in-house Service enabled by Everware-CBDI professional services.

The Agile Service Factory:

  • is software service specific
  • separates service and solution delivery
  • automates Design by Contract
  • delivers high integrity SOA
  • is Agile method independent
  • is fully customizable enterprise application infrastructure platform
  • has entirely configurable code generators for local structure and standards
  • is a model driven business framework for business developer extensions
  • has no proprietary runtime, no lock-in
  • uses open source languages, tools and code
  • complements conventional and or PaaS solution development and deployment environments.