Accelerate SOA delivery using Everware-CBDI Products

  • Standardize deliverables and improve their consistency using templates and modeling profiles
  • Benefit from best practices synthezised from clients and partners around the globe
  • Accelerate SOA adoption and roll out with our ready made Reference Framework and roadmap planning tools
  • Manage projects with repeatable process models and project management templates
  • Leverage off the shelf components and services

Everware-CBDI offers a range of knowledge products and tools, together with software components and services to assist organizations to realize their service-based strategies and solutions.


The following image illustrates the various knowledge products and tools, and their relationships. See the links on the right for more details.

layered representation of the different products and how they relate to each other

Some of our leading edge research and best practices guidance is first published via our CBDI Journal, which is also fully integrated into the CBDI-SAE Knowledgebase for SOA. This is a detailed, fully cross-referenced implementation of our CBDI-SAE Reference Framework, which also contains

  • Deliverable Templates
  • Project Templates
  • plus other useful planning and estimating tools

It also details our CBDI-SAE Meta Model for SOA, which is realized via our CBDI-SAE UML Profile for SOA - that is compliant with SoaML -  for which we also provide a SoaML Profile.

Our eLearning materials are also provided as part of the CBDI-SAE Knowledgebase for SOA or can be purchased separately, providing education in our best practice guidance in SOA and our CBDI Service Architecture & EngineeringTM (CBDI-SAETM) approach.


Everware-CBDI products and tools are available on a subscription or purchase basis for individuals or organizations. Some also also available as a free download for registered members. See the following table for a summary of options.

  Free Download Platinum Subscription Purchase
CBDI Journal  Yes Included in KB
Including all back issues
Included in KB
Including all back issues
CBDI-SAE Knowledgebase for SOA (KB)   Yes Yes
CBDI-SAE Framework Overview Detailed
Included in KB
Included in KB
CBDI-SAE Meta Model for SOA Yes Included in KB Included in KB
CBDI-SAE UML Profile for SOA Yes Included in KB Included in KB
SoaML Profile Yes Included in KB Included in KB
Deliverable Templates Service Specification
Included in KB Included in KB
Project Management Templates   Included in KB Included in KB
eLearning Modules   Included in KB

Included in KB

Also available separately

 Contact Everware-CBDI for further subscription or purchase information or to discuss your requirements.