The SOA for E-Government Conference is sponsored by the Federal SOA Community of Practice (SOA CoP) and has been held semi-annually since 2006.  The focus of the conferences is on sharing best practices, lessons learned, and other practical experiences to support successful application of SOA in a federal context.

Everware-CBDI has been a contributing member of the Federal SOA CoP since its inception and has been active in leadership and presentation roles.  The community is a group of individuals representing industry and government that are committed to elevating the use and maturity of SOA within the federal government.  The current co-chairs for the group are Brand Niemann of EPA and Dave Mayo of Everware-CBDI.

The 10th SOA for E-Government conference with the theme SOA & Application Modernization was held today and attended by over 200 industry and government community members.  The slideshare below is the presentation given by Dave Mayo, President of Everware-CBDI.

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