Model-Driven Development

Everware-CBDI offers Model-Driven Development (MDD) as a practical alternative to the traditional software development approach in reponse to modernization or "green-field" initiatives.  Most business processes follow patterns and even complex unique processes can leverage patterns – creating foundational consistency.  Our approach leverages model-based patterns that drive service architecture and code generation – producing an open, more consistent, traditionally extendable and maintainable codebase.

Our MDD approach is effective within “outsourced” engagements as well as within integrated teams that include our client’s development staff.  Our experience is that the model-generate paradigm can reduce resources and costs up to 40%.   Further efficiencies can be achieved by deploying reusable designs and consumable (off-the-shelf) services.

Everware-CBDI’s MDD approach:

  • reduces solution delivery time, cost and risk;
  • directly leverages and preserves discovered knowledge;
  • can easily be integrated with Agile approaches even on large projects;
  • better utilizes scarce IT resources; and
  • delivers open, industry-standard, maintainable solutions

Everware-CBDI Model-Driven Modernization Case Studies