Federal Leadership Briefing: Implementable Architecture and Agile IT


Federal agencies are facing a perfect storm of budget uncertainty, increasing mission demand, and inflexible legacy applications. Combined with the standard waterfall SDLC, agencies are unable to address the primary challenge for IT – the need to change at least as fast as the business/mission.  We call this ability Agile IT and it requires an innovative approach that combines several IT and management disciplines.  The approach is driven from architecture – from the Enterprise Architecture on down. This briefing will outline the challenges facing Federal IT managers and will present a proven methodology for overcoming these challenges.  A brief demonstration will show how this approach has been applied in a real world setting.

The Solution:

Agile IT combines best practices from Agile Methods, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Model-Driven Development (MDD) under a management framework known as Portfolio Transition Engineering (PTE).

  • Agile IT Icon-2.jpgAgile methods provide rapid delivery of capability increments.  However, to scale agile methods, project teams must be able to work in an independent, yet coordinated manner.
  • SOA provides the organizing paradigm that allows smaller teams to achieve parallel development on a massive scale. This creates pressure on release management and development coordination disciplines.
  • Model-Driven Development facilitates precise communications and synchronizes products across teams, as well as producing significant schedule and productivity gains.
  • Portfolio Transition Engineering enables the organization to implement and assimilate the rapid changes within a coherent framework.

Agile IT supports the Federal IT strategic direction from OMB and the CIO Council.  It is a critical element in achieving the 25-Point Plan and complying with the Shared Services, Digital Government and Cloud First strategies. 

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