Service Architecture Practitioner eLearning Syllabus

Across 11 modules lasting 4 1/2 hours, this syllabus provides education in Service Architecture, covering

  • the different views of the Service Architecture, including business, specification, implementation and deployment
  • techniques for the identification of different service types
  • the Service Portfolio Planning process
  • how to model the service architecture using UML or SCA notations

This syllabus is aimed at business and IT architects together with project managers who have responsibility for identifying services and modeling the required service architecture.



Module Title Learning Objectives
160 Service Specification Architecture Fundamentals To understand the different types of services and their contribution to SOA.
180  Identifying Core Business Services To understand and be able to apply the method and techniques for identifying core business services.
200 Identifying Capability Services To understand and be able to apply the method and techniques for identifying capability services.
220  Identifying Process Services To understand and be able to apply the method and techniques for identifying process services.
240  Identifying Underlying and Utility Services To understand and be able to apply the method and techniques for identifying utility and underlying services.
250 Service Architecture Modeling Using UML and other modeling languages and tools to document service architecture.
260  Service Portfolio Planning Process To understand the purpose and context for service portfolio planning, and to be prepared for involvement in the SPP process.
280 Business Architecture Fundamentals To understand how Business Architecture drives the Service Architecture, and vice-versa.
380 Service Description and its Properties To understand and be able to complete a service description and its properties.
480 Service Implementation Architecture Fundamentals To understand how the Service Implementation Architecture provides the transition from the logical business service Architecture to the implementation of Service in software.
500 Service Deployment Architecture Fundamentals To understand how to model the Service Deployment Architecture and how SOA concepts affect deployment decisions.
510 Solution Architecture Fundamentals To understand the elements of a Solution Architecture in terms of the functions of the solution and how they are mapped to services. Covers Solution Specification, Implementation and Deployment Architecture.

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