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Service Specification Survey Results

12 Nov 2013

Services are progressively becoming the de facto architecture for the enterprise. Whether a service is implemented as a REST API or SOAP Web Service, a specification of some sort is essential for the delivery and operational life cycle management. Casual observation tells us that service specification approaches in common use are highly variable. In our survey, conducted in October 2013 we asked architects, designers and project managers to tell us how they deliver and use service specifications. The results substantiate preconceptions to some extent, but also highlight some very interesting issues.

Service Concepts 101

30 Nov 2012

This research note provides a concept model that explores the basic concepts of Service and Service-Orientation taking into account a broad perspective including Business Service, IT Services, Software Services, Cloud Services and even Human Services

Transformation to Agile IT Delivery

20 Sep 2012

Presenting the transformation to a more agile approach to IT Delivery

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Research Notes by Topic

Service Specification Reference Framework. An Overview

This research note explores aspects of a reference model for service specification, outlining several important concepts.

Establishing a Reference Framework - An Overview

In any given domain, a Reference Framework (RF) provides a common backplane for consistency, collaboration, sharing, and reuse. Without a consistent framework, the domain in question will remain an interesting concept but deliver suboptimal business value. With an appropriate RF the work of individual projects, programs, divisions and partners will be coordinated with just enough formality to ensure that the many moving parts can fit together when and were needed.

A RF is needed to:

  • Identify those things that need to be common
  • Create consistency where needed
  • Indicate where individual projects can diverge from the RF where appropriate
  • Provide a structured approach to managing standards, policies, patterns in order to deliver on objectives

This research note provides an overview of the process for the creation and evolution of a RF.

Cloud Computing Reference Architectures, Models and Frameworks

There are a plethora of different reference architectures, models and frameworks for Cloud Computing. Which one should an organization adopt? Of course there’s no straightforward answer to that question and in this research note we provide guidance on how to organize some of the best ideas that are emerging in a practical structure that should stand the test of time.