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Service Specification Reference Framework. An Overview

16 May 2012

This research note explores aspects of a reference model for service specification, outlining several important concepts.

Establishing a Reference Framework - An Overview

12 Apr 2012

In any given domain, a Reference Framework (RF) provides a common backplane for consistency, collaboration, sharing, and reuse. Without a consistent framework, the domain in question will remain an interesting concept but deliver suboptimal business value. With an appropriate RF the work of individual projects, programs, divisions and partners will be coordinated with just enough formality to ensure that the many moving parts can fit together when and were needed.

A RF is needed to:

  • Identify those things that need to be common
  • Create consistency where needed
  • Indicate where individual projects can diverge from the RF where appropriate
  • Provide a structured approach to managing standards, policies, patterns in order to deliver on objectives

This research note provides an overview of the process for the creation and evolution of a RF.

Application Migration Patterns for the Service Oriented Cloud

12 Jun 2011

As well as deploying new applications to the cloud, many organizations will also be considering the opportunities to migrate current applications to the cloud in search of reduced costs or SLA improvements.  In this research note we consider several migration alternatives, expressed as a set of patterns.

The patterns can also be seen as a sequence of activities, through which the current application is gradually modernized.

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