SOA Roadmap Planning

Roadmap Planning is a valuable technique for optimizing the benefits from SOA. Experience shows that managed adoption of a new paradigm produces greater results than uncoordinated efforts. Successful SOA adoption requires the coordinated evolution of management capabilities in several areas, such as architecture development and infrastructure management. The objective of a Roadmap Planning effort is to accelerate SOA maturity and the realization of benefits from SOA adoption. To accomplish this, the organization must manage the progress made in each of the management disciplines.  The CBDI SOA Roadmap provides detailed guidance for all types of SOA undertakings, and guides enterprises in capability improvement across architecture, infrastructure, processes, best practices, skills and organization.

Everware-CBDI first published the CBDI SOA Maturity Model and Roadmap in 2003 which is now incorporated as an integral part of the Everware-CBDI Service Architecture & EngineeringTM (CBDI-SAETM) framework.  It has formed the basis for commercial and government customer engagements to plan and manage their SOA adoption and capability development, as well as application modernization initiatives

Everware-CBDI's Roadmap Planning services include:

  • maturity and readiness assessment; 
  • roadmap planning workshops involving all stakeholders;
  • roadmap plan development and delivery;
  • senior management briefings; and
  • periodic review and adjustment as the Roadmap is executed.

Everware-CBDI Roadmap Planning Case Studies