Reference Framework Development

Experienced architects know that detailed, stable reference materials can accelerate development while maintaining a high level of quality in project delivery.  Without a coherent reference framework architecture, delivery projects will waste effort developing practices and deliver inconsistent solutions that suboptimize the SOA.   In contrast, a reference framework is the foundation for repeatable process and high-quality, cost-effective IT solutions delivery.

The Everware-CBDI Service Architecture & EngineeringTM (CBDI-SAETM) Framework provides a detailed reference architecture for all aspects of SOA and Application Modernization.  This represents a comprehensive platform for rapidly establishing reference models, repeatable processes and quality practices.

Leveraging this industry-proven framework, we provide consulting services to support customers in establishing their organization specific reference framework.  The outcome may be a custom framework in which CBDI-SAE assets act as an accelerator, or support in implementing and customizing the CBDI-SAE framework.  In addition, CBDI-SAE is frequently used to provide practice level deliverables to complement frameworks such as the Open Group's TOGAF, and the U.K. government's ITIL.

Everware-CBDI's Reference Framework consulting services include:

  • assessment of current SOA framework;
  • facilitating workshops to develop an organization specific reference framework;
  • customizing the CBDI-SAE framework to incorporate organization standards and objectives; and
  • guidance and mentoring in the effective use of the framework.

Everware-CBDI Reference Framework Case Studies

Associated Reports

Establishing the SOA Reference Architecture Framework (pdf)

In a collaborative, shared, reusable SOA world the reference framework provides a common backplane for federated service and solution development and assembly. Without a consistent framework, service orientation will remain an interesting concept but deliver suboptimal business value. With an appropriate reference framework the work of individual projects, programs divisions and partners will be coordinated with just enough formality to ensure that the many moving parts can fit together when and were needed. This article provides a process structure for the creation and evolution of the model and architecture elements of the SOA Reference Framework.