Service Factory as a Service (SFaaS) - Specification


Many organizations now recognize the strategic nature of their services platform and the contribution it makes to business agility in supporting mobile customer engagement models and the Internet of Things. Realizing strategic goals requires software services that are device, channel and context free, can be reused in many situations, and are highly scalable and secure. To specify and deliver these high quality services is a specialized task, quite different from solution delivery, and requires involvement of multiple disciplines to establish high integrity specifications.


Yet a recent survey carried out by Everware-CBDI showed a majority of organizations have low levels of consistency of specification approach, and high levels of dissatisfaction with tool support, particularly in support of cross functional collaboration. These organizations are not well equipped to support a strategic services platform. 


As a specialist firm that has pioneered high integrity, model driven service architecture, specification and delivery, Everware-CBDI now offers Service Specification services as either a standalone component or as an integral part of the Everware-CBDI Service Factory. This service offering is a mix of consulting and automated tool support that coordinates the multi-disciplinary effort to deliver technology independent, cross functional specifications that can be delivered through the Service Factory as a Service capability or other delivery processes.

Service Description

Everware-CBDI brings a comprehensive and proven service specification reference model and process which may be customized for client specific needs. In addition mechanisms are provided to synchronize with existing knowledge sources for harvesting existing assets, updating architecture and portfolio repositories and integrating with the design and delivery life cycle. We guide our clients in identifying stakeholders and establishing the collaborative process to capture the requirements knowledge using a Web portal that supports concurrent capture, communications and reporting activities.


There are various process options available including the conventional specification first approach, or an Agile specification approach in which intermediate level specifications are produced in a Specification Sprint which drives the Agile delivery process with specifications completed post-Sprint delivery.

Service Benefits

The Specification component of the Service Factory as a Service enables a number of key business values:

  • Higher quality specifications produce higher quality code and documentation.
  • Enables Governance over consistency and completeness.
  • Ensures the consistent and comprehensive service specifications for service
    and API publication.
  • Reporting function enables production of HTML, PFD and Office format reports for dissemination, approvals, etc
  • Enables rapid, lower cost, Service Factory based delivery.
  • More effective management of conventional delivery outsourcing contracts.
  • Separation of service track from solution delivery track ensures strategic business rather than
    project specific services.

Service Factory as a Service

The Everware-CBDI Service Factory is a specialization of the Software Factory concept applying Agile Model Driven Architecture and Development (MDA/MDD) technologies to software service specification and delivery. Service specification knowledge is captured according to the CBDI-SAETM meta model in a Web portal and delivered using pattern based transformation, enabling rapid delivery of high quality services. Customers may use the specification service component for delivery in conventional development processes, or as part of a full life cycle factory delivery process.