Service Factory as a Service (SFaaS)


As the pace of business accelerates, computing solution delivery frequently fails to support the rapidly evolving business goals for cost, time and quality, creating a backlog of urgent business capabilities, and frustrated stakeholders.  There is now a viable alternative that addresses all these goals and complements existing outsourcing and delivery approaches.


The Service Factory as a Service (SFaaS) delivery model combines:

  • Service Oriented Architecture, to modularize large applications or portfolios and deliver APIs for the digital business platform.
  • Agile Development, to involve customers in a rapid and iterative process
  • Model Driven Development, to coordinate the efforts of multiple Agile teams and generate code. 

Everware-CBDI is a leader in advancing and applying this approach with our Service Oriented Application Modernization (SOAM™) methodology.  The SFaaS model is a highly specialized, factory approach for software service delivery, comprising high levels of life cycle automation with highly skilled professional services that dramatically change conventional cost, time, quality and risk parameters.

SFaaS is an advanced platform for software engineering that revolutionizes the provisioning of software services, achieving 5 to 10X improvements in delivery time to market (TTM).  It permits a customer to capture the requirements for a service in an online Specification Portal, provide additional details about the deployment platform, and receive back the code that realizes the service – together with other essential deliverables including the service specification, documentation, UML models and test harness.

Service Description

Everware-CBDI offers several factory delivery approaches:

  1. Establishing an enterprise specific, in-house Service Factory capability
  2. Providing a Service Factory as a hosted, on demand service.

Everware-CBDI brings a comprehensive and proven service architecture and delivery reference model and full life cycle agile process which may be customized for specific needs. Our professional services include support for the architecture, specification and integration tasks. In addition, the Service Factory often operates as part of a transformation activity, providing complementary Knowledge Discovery and Modernization services.

Service Benefits

The Service Factory as a Service enables a number of key business values:

  • FAST – Rapid production of service software (days/weeks rather than months/years).
  • Higher quality services delivered – tested, adhere to specifications, embody patterns.
  • Flexible solutions – models facilitate modification and enhancement.
  • Low cost of delivery – significantly lower than hand coding.
  • Business decisions articulated in specifications, not code.
  • Effective integration with service and solution outsourcing third parties.
  • Scalable, on demand service.
  • Governance over consistency and completeness.
  • Effective documentation customized by stakeholder type.
  • Comprehensive service specifications guaranteed to be consistent with code, for API publication
  • Open, standards based, cross platform service implementations.
  • Managed metadata coordination and interfacing with architecture, portfolio, design and build repositories and life cycle management tools.
  • Effective integration with development and life cycle management automation tools.

Service Factory as a Service

The Everware-CBDI Service Factory is a specialization of the Software Factory concept applying Agile Model Driven Architecture and Development (MDA/MDD) technologies to software service specification and delivery. Service specification knowledge is captured according to the CBDI-SAETM meta model in a Web portal and delivered using pattern based transformation, enabling rapid delivery of high quality services. Customers may use the specification service component for delivery in conventional development processes, or as part of a full life cycle factory delivery process.

Service Factory

Service Factory as a Service - Specification Component

Service Specification is a standalone component or an integral part of the Everware-CBDI Service Factory.

Service Factory Datasheet

Datasheet for Service Factory as a Service (SFaaS)

Service Factory Specification Datasheet

Datasheet for Service Factory as a Service (SFaaS) specification component

Service Factory White Paper

The Service Factory as a Service. A Strategic Approach to support
Enterprise Transformation. White Paper