Service Engineering

Service Engineering constitutes the detailed design, implementation, and consumption of services - guided by a Service Architecture.  Service Engineering, as a modern, specialized form of software development, relies on a set of processes and standards for establishing a portfolio of rich, independent, and orchestratable software components. 

When adopting an SOA strategy, organizations often ask:

  • How can I ensure that my services are widely consumable?
  • What changes to our development practices do we need to make to support effective, repeatable service engineering?
  • How do we optimize our service portfolio to enable process orchestration?
  • How can we effectively share our existing data with external partners using standards-based services?

Everware-CBDI views Service Engineering as the proving ground for SOA.  Architectures, SOA Roadmaps, Transition Plans, Modernization Strategies are all key enablers to success, but the consumed services are where the "rubber meets the road".  Whether SOA initiatives are enterprise-wide or project centric, Everware-CBDI has consulting services designed to help deliver high-quality, effective services and the software components that consume them.

Our Service Engineering consulting service include:

Architected Solution Development

Delivering flexible business solutions through service orchestration

Information Sharing

Defining and delivering NIEM-compliant architected services for sharing information

Service Specification

Defining and delivering rich, consistent service specifications

Shared Service Provisioning

Provisioning industrial-strength services for shared consumption