Agile Business Modeling

In today’s unpredictable world every enterprise must assume that business will not continue as usual. Even the largest of enterprises are experiencing technology enabled and market based challenges to their core business models that they find very hard to respond to.
Crowdsourcing, mobile POS, showrooming, hospital at home are just a few innovation areas that conventional BUFD (big up front design) business and enterprise architecture approachesare inappropriate for.

Agile Business Modeling is a new, lightweight approach that combines business and IT architecture to define the minimum necessary understanding to scope and coordinate business transformation and Agile delivery projects. This is a response based approach that builds on proven methods to deliver convergent business and IT models required for an inherently agile
business that can respond to the unpredictable. The modeling approach is iterative and delivers just enough architecture and roadmap to prevent chaos.

Service Description and Delivery

Everware-CBDI provides Agile Business Modeling services to support customers in establishing their own skills and competencies, as well as facilitating and delivering enterprise capabilities.

  • Education Class: The Agile Business Modeling approach is defined and available as a face to face education class designed for an audience of both business and IT people.The class uses Everware-CBDI prepared case study materials and exercises.
  • Facilitated Workshop: Everware-CBDI facilitates client workshops that undertake Agile Business Modeling for an enterprise. Typically workshops have dual objectives of skills transfer and production of valuable deliverables for defined parts of the enterprise.
  • Agile Business Modeling Delivery Project: To accelerate delivery Everware-CBDI provides expert consulting support to projects. These modeling projects may be carried out with specific goals to support and govern Agile Delivery Projects.