Application Modernization

Application Modernization should be much more than replacing legacy application “silos” with new silos, or acquiring the latest vendor technology.  Modernization should mean delivering open solutions within a genuinely agile architecture designed for responsiveness to business needs - delivering a modular architecture implemented with a portfolio of services.  Increasingly, application modernization is being driven by business process modernization and the need to rationalize and align the supporting software portfolio.

Key Application Modernization questions include:

  • How do we leverage existing investments to maximum advantage?
  • What modernization techniques should we use to increase efficiency?
  • How can we use architecture and modeling to reduce time-to-market and make our portfolio easier to modernize?
  • How can we ensure incremental progress while managing overall risk?

Application Modernization as practiced by Everware-CBDI is an architected and engineered process that ultimately produces a smaller overall software footprint which is more responsive to the business.  Ongoing, our modernized solutions can then be continuously modernized in a high-value/low-risk manner rather than high-risk/high-cost “big bang” replacement. 

This type of portfolio modernization is best accompanied with an appropriate level of organizational transformation grounded on service management and governance.  Our standards-based CBDI Service Architecture and Engineering framework provides the adaptive best-practice to enable that transformation.   Unlike outsourcing firms and translation/conversation vendors, we integrate our customer’s team with this effort to ensure internal ownership and long-term integrity of the modernized solutions.

Our Modernization consulting offerings include:


Associated Reports

CA Gen Modernization Consulting Service Datasheet (pdf)

Everware-CBDI offers a comprehensive set of services for modernizing CA Gen assets.  Leveraging a variety of tools, methods and techniques, we provide a proven way to extend and/or port CA Gen applications to a modern service-based environment, increasing the ROI of these applications by leveraging the model-based characteristics of the CA Gen toolset.

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Modernization in SAE