Application Modernization

Application Modernization should be much more than replacing legacy application “silos” with new silos, or acquiring the latest vendor technology.  Modernization should mean delivering open solutions within a genuinely agile architecture designed for responsiveness to business needs - delivering a modular architecture implemented with a portfolio of services.  Increasingly, application modernization is being driven by business process modernization and the need to rationalize and align the supporting software portfolio.

Key Application Modernization questions include:

  • How do we leverage existing investments to maximum advantage?
  • What modernization techniques should we use to increase efficiency?
  • How can we use architecture and modeling to reduce time-to-market and make our portfolio easier to modernize?
  • How can we ensure incremental progress while managing overall risk?

Application Modernization as practiced by Everware-CBDI is an architected and engineered process that ultimately produces a smaller overall software footprint which is more responsive to the business.  Ongoing, our modernized solutions can then be continuously modernized in a high-value/low-risk manner rather than high-risk/high-cost “big bang” replacement. 

This type of portfolio modernization is best accompanied with an appropriate level of organizational transformation grounded on service management and governance.  Our standards-based CBDI Service Architecture and Engineering framework provides the adaptive best-practice to enable that transformation.   Unlike outsourcing firms and translation/conversation vendors, we integrate our customer’s team with this effort to ensure internal ownership and long-term integrity of the modernized solutions.

Our Modernization consulting offerings include:


Associated Reports

BPMN and its role in Application Modernization Projects (pdf)

Across the industry Application Modernization is a synonym for legacy renewal and transformation. It's widely viewed as a technology based process. In contrast we recommend that modernization must be business driven. It's a major opportunity to create a modern architecture which reflects the current and future business needs. Getting concrete understanding of the future business needs is of course not a trivial task and in this article we provide guidance on using the increasingly popular BPMN notation in a systematic and efficient approach to business driven modernization.

CBDI-SAE2 Application Modernization Process (pdf)

In this report we examine how the CBDI-SAE SOA process can evolve to support Application Modernization, by introducing new disciplines to cover the planning and architectural aspects of Application Modernization, the discovery of knowledge encapsulated in the applications, and finally to perform the reengineering that may result in new business requirements.

CBDI-SAE2 Framework for Application Modernization (pdf)

Application Modernization is a commonly used term covering a wide range of practices and technologies. As the world emerges from recession there is growing interest in applying modernization techniques and technologies to reduce complexity and cost and respond to rapidly changing, post recession business models. In this report we explore how the CBDI SAE framework can be evolved to provide a repeatable, business driven backplane for effective application modernization practice.

Case Study: Application Modernization - Portfolio Pathfinders (pdf)

In this report, we narrate an actual modernization project undertaken by Everware-CBDI North America. The case study illustrates how the Agile Application Modernization approach is used in practice to deliver demonstrably modernized solutions that reflect future business needs. In this scenario we describe how we addressed specific application modernization project needs, while demonstrating how a limited portfolio assessment can significantly improve the outcome.

Model Driven Development Consulting Service Datasheet (pdf)

With Model-Driven Development, Everware-CBDI has an alternative modernization approach to make software architecture, engineering, and transformation achievable and affordable.  Up front investments in modular and service architectures, repeatable patterns, and code generation pay dividends down stream with significant reductions in code/test/integrate tasks. 


Modernization in SAE