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With Service Oriented Application ModernizationTM (SOAMTM), Everware-CBDI has integrated Agile development principles together with service architecture and model-driven development, creating a unique and powerful approach to rapidly and incrementally transitioning and modernizing legacy portfolios, and / or delivering new solutions that reuse harvested legacy assets. This approach yields significant business benefits, particularly when combined with business process improvements.

Application Modernization should be much more than replacing legacy application “silos” with new silos, or acquiring the latest vendor technology.  Modernization should mean delivering open solutions within a genuinely agile architecture designed for responsiveness to business needs - delivering a modular architecture implemented with a portfolio of services.  Increasingly, application modernization is being driven by business process modernization and the need to rationalize and align the supporting software portfolio.

Application Modernization as practiced by Everware-CBDI is an architected and engineered process that ultimately produces a smaller overall software footprint which is more responsive to the business.  Ongoing, our modernized solutions can then be continuously modernized in a high-value/low-risk manner rather than high-risk/high-cost “big bang” replacement.

SOAMTM is a combination of several Everware-CBDI consulting services

SOAMTM leverages the Agile Service Factory (ASF) Toolset

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CA Gen Modernization Consulting Service Datasheet (pdf)

Everware-CBDI offers a comprehensive set of services for modernizing CA Gen assets.  Leveraging a variety of tools, methods and techniques, we provide a proven way to extend and/or port CA Gen applications to a modern service-based environment, increasing the ROI of these applications by leveraging the model-based characteristics of the CA Gen toolset.

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