CBDI Journal Archive

Articles from 2002

Implementing the Business Service Server

Web Service Security

Product Overview -SteelTrace Catalyze -A Requirements Driven Approach to Reuse

Identifying Web Services

Consuming Web Services

IBM Seeks Partners to Drive Adoption of XML Web Servicespdf

Product Review - Xara Online Connectable Modules

Service Identification - Data Collaboration

Web Services and EAI

Select Perspective, an Agile Process for Web Services and Components

Product Report - Storm Watch from Okena

Process Framework Review

Business Process Modeling for Web Services, A Product Report on BindStudio

Integrated Component Modeling and Management - A Product Report on Select Component Factory

Next Generation EAI - A Product Report on Talking Blocks

Pervasive Computing - The Next Big Thing?

WS-Security - Practical Response for Web Service Architects

Tools For Service Oriented Architectures

Product Report - Wilde Technologies Architecture Implementation Platform

Product Report - ObjectVenture’s ObjectAssembler - Standards Based Pattern Management

Product Report - Next Generation EAI, A Update on Grand Central Communications

Business Flexibility - Implementing Context Driven Services

Differentiated Security Patterns

OptimalJ from Compuware : An Advance in Patterns Management

Pervasive Computing Part II - Vendor Strategies

Sun Microsystems Gets A Services Vision

Where Next for Microsoft’s .NET

Rule Based Development

Component Based Development - Where Next

IBM Web Services - New Tools and Technologies

Establishing Requirements for Identity

Pervasive Computing III - Enterprise Information Access, Networking and Interoperability

ComponentSource SAVE-IT

Requirements for a Service Oriented Process

Eiffel in the .NET Environment

Westbridge Technology

WestGlobal mScape 2.0 – Web Services Management

Platform Vendors Move in on Web Services Management

Experiences in Adopting Web Services

Reusing Voice Components and Services

From Web Services to Web Collaborations

Services On Demand, The Next Phase of Computing

Managed P2P - A New Architecture for Service Management

The Service-Oriented Software Supply Chain

Making .NET Work in the Enterprise


Articles from 2003

Design Pattern - The Web Service Façade

Autonomic Computing

Reengineering Service Level Management


Web Services Architectures for Security

Modeling for SOA

Market Analysis - New Age Model Based Development Tools

Services Oriented Architecture - Part 1 - The Foundation

Sun Microsystems Manages the Services Stack

Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing

Modeling for SOA - Worked Example

The BT Authentication Service

Wakesoft J2EE Framework

Services Oriented Architecture - Part 2 - The Bridge

A Web Service Maturity Model

Services Oriented Architecture – Part 3 – Federation

Modeling for SOA – The IBM Story

Data Quality for SOA

Building Web Services – The Future

Services Oriented Architecture - Part 4 – The Platform

Web Services To Improve Business Intelligence

Service Based Packaged Applications

Services Oriented Architecture - Part 5 – The Transition

Component and Service Reuse in the J2EE Environment

Managing Services – The IBM Story Continued

Component Based Development at CGI

SOA Process Case Example

On Defining SOA

Understanding SOA

Towards the Service Oriented Business

RESTful Services

On Science Fiction becoming reality

Voice Applications and Services

UN/CEFACT Move Into Enterprise Architecture Space

The Service Based Business – Insurance

On the question of “What can we do with our existing systems?”

SOA – Save Our Assets

Component Based Service Engineering

Implementing WS-Security Using Application Servers

Service Oriented Platform Strategies

BEA WebLogic Workshop

Microsoft Indigo

Service Oriented Architecture Frameworks

Computer Associates UniCenter WSDM


Articles from 2004

On Processes and Technology

Toward the Service Oriented Organization

Adapting RUP to Support Service Orientation

Establishing a Service Lifecycle

Microsoft’s BizTalk 2004

On Software as a Business Service

Grand Central and the Value Added Service Network

Web Services Interoperability Organization - Round One

RatchetSoft Delivers Application Customization using Web Services

Business Adaptability and Adaptation in SOA

On the Service Oriented Process and Reference Model

Principles of Service Orientation

The SOA Reference Model

The Service-Based Business–Telecoms

On Services in the Real World

Sarbanes Oxley Drives Web Service Adoption

Domain-Specific Languages and Models

IBM Enterprise Workflow Architecture (EWA) Framework

TopCoder – Components by Competition

On Service Integration with the Physical World

RFID and Web Services

Business Driven SOA

Open Source Web Services

HP’s Strategy for Managing the Adaptive Enterprise

SOA Reference Model Part 2– The Flexible Service Runtime

Delivering Adaptable SOA

Business Driven SOA – Part 2 – Governance

Time to Board the Enterprise Service Bus?

Book Review : The Support Economy

The SOA Lifecycle

Data Director from Blue Titan

On the strategic risks involved in acquiring service oriented architecture as part of an enterprise application

Enterprise Applications and SOA?

Composite Applications

The SOA Governance Framework

On the importance of innovation and commercialization in maturing Web Services specifications.

WS–* Specification Complexity

Amazon and eBay Web Services – The New Enterprise Applications?

Orchestration Patterns Using BPEL

On the business case for SOA

The Business Case for Service Oriented Architecture

Web Services Management Market Trends – Part 1

The BPEL Enabled Process

On Priorities for 2005

Roadmap to 2005

Web Services ManagementPart 2 - Vendor Capabilities and User Intentions

Service Based Business - Insurance 2

OpSource Optimal On-Demand


Articles from 2005

On Service Supply

Service Supply – A Fundamental Shiftin Development Practice?

Supporting SOA and the Service Lifecyclewith Microsoft Visual Studio 2005

Modeling for SOA – The IBM Story Develops

On Simplification and Abstraction

Grid and SOA

Compuware’s OptimalJ 3.3

Architectural Discovery for theService-Based Business

StrikeIron’s Web Services Business Network

On SOA Methodology

Enterprise Framework for SOA

Business Modeling Method for SOA

Practical Service Specificationand DesignPart 1 – Planning

On Componentization

IBM’s Experience in Componentization

Practical Service Specification and Design Part 2a:Refining Service Requirements for Consumers

Polarlake Integration Suite

Improving SOA Governance withthe Systinet Business Registry

On Visions and Visionaries

Developing the Architectural Framework for SOA Part 1 – The Vision

Business Modeling for SOAWorked Example: Pharmaceuticals

Practical Service Specification and DesignPart 2b: Refining Service Requirements

On Specification and Encapsulation

Practical Service Specification and DesignPart 3: Specifying Services

Developing the Architectural Framework for SOA – Part 2: Service Granularity and Dependency Management

Agile Security for SOA

Software Development Asset Management with LogicLibrary Logidex

On Assembly

Developing the Architectural Framework for SOA – Part 3 – Agile Services

Practical Service Specification and DesignPart 4 – Delivering Services

Business Modeling for SOA

On Service Engineering Methodology

Service Portfolio Planning Revisited

Service Economics

Agile SOA with CISCO Application-Oriented Networking

Developing the Architectural Framework for SOAPart 4 – Business Services

Addressing Architectural Complexity

Developing the Architectural Framework for SOA – Part 5 – The Business Service Console

Service Oriented Business Intelligence

Windows Goes With the Flow

SOA Life Cycle and Governance

The Service Lifecycle

SOA Governance in the Life Cycle

SOA Governance – from Chaos to Order – The Transformation of Enterprise Architecture

Developing the Architectural Framework for SOA - Part 6 – Transitioning to SOA

On SOA Maturity Models and Swimming in the Shallow End

The SOA Maturity Model

Directions and Diversions

SOA in the Public Sector


Articles from 2006

Predictions for the coming year

Business Modeling for SOA – Introduction

Business Modeling for SOA – Part 1

IBM Tivoli – Enabling Service Oriented Management

Organizing for SOA

Discovering the Real Needs of the Business

Business Modeling for SOA – Part Two: What the Business Knows

Service Versioning

Applying Product Line Techniques to SOA

On SOA Standards

The SOA Maturity Model – Part II

SOA Service Benefit Patterns

Business Modeling for SOA – Part III

On getting agreement to provision common services for use across the organization

The Project-Driven Service Portfolio

The Lightweight Enterprise

Applying ESB

On Evolution and Natural Selection

The Service Oriented Infrastructure (SOI) Maturity Model


Applying Product Line Techniques to SOA – Part II

An Important Announcement – CBDI Forum merges with Everware Inc.

Exploring Business Capability

The Business Case for SOA

SOA Operational Infrastructure Adoption Roadmap

Introducing Service Architecture and Engineering

Service Architecture and Engineering

The Role of Business Process Models in Service Planning

Service Portfolio Planning and Legacy Modernization

Using the Maturity Model to Manage Strategy

Service Portfolio Planning – The Implementation View

SOA Strategy for Enterprise Applications

Service Portfolio Planning and Legacy Modernization (continued)

SOA Roadmap Update and Poster

Defining SOA – On Meta Models and Reference Models

Introduction to the Meta Model for Service Architecture and Engineering

A Meta Model for Service Architecture and Engineering

Thoughts from the recent CBDI Forum Summit Meetings

Managing Services Throughout the Life Cycle

CBDI Q4 Summit – Q & A

Data Management for SOA

101 Not Out!

Events vs Services Service Asset Data

Service Level Agreements

Security Architecture within Enterprise SOA – opportunities and requirements


Articles from 2007

Ontology, Common Language, Vocabulary, Glossary, Meta Model or Reference Model?

In Search of a Common SOA Language

A Pragmatic Guide to Service Level Agreements

SOA Process Matters

The Service Oriented Process

SOA Excellence

Business Change Matters

SOA Maturity Assessment Survey

The Architecture Component of the SAE™ Reference Framework for SOA

A Mature SOA – BPM Relationship?

The Service Oriented Process: Questions and Answers

Service Oriented Business Improvement

Concurrency Patterns

Simplifying the SOA Roadmap

Capability Dependency

Implementing the Layered Service Architecture with TIBCO

Organizing for SOA

SOA Center of Excellence and other Organizational Support Models

SOA Policy

Agility – A Business Issue

Towards the Agile Business Process

SAP Enterprise SOA in Acceleration: Win or Lose?

The SAE Meta Model

Learn By Example: A Populated SAE Meta Model

SOA Project Management Part 1:Evolving Current Practices

EA for SOA?

Enhancing the Enterprise Architecture with Service Orientation

SOA Project Management Part 2: A Framework for Change

Towards a Better SOA Process

Architected Solution Delivery: Enhancing the Service Oriented Process

Web 2.0 and Enterprise Architecture

Book Reviews : SOA for the Business Developer by Margolis and Sharpe, SOA and WS-BPEL: Composing Service-Oriented Solutions with PHP and ActiveBPEL by Yuli Vasiliev

On service specification

Documenting Service Behavior


Articles from 2008

New Year Directions

Creating a UML Profile from the CBDI SAE Meta Model

Salamander’s MooD – Modeling Business Driven SOA

Making SOA Practical

Using the SAE UML Profile

Event Driven Service Architecture

Assembly – The Final Frontier?

Service Composition

Sharing and Reuse Patterns

Architecture for Offshoring

SOA Testing – Managing Testing in an SOA Environment

SOA Governance – Challenge or Opportunity?

Service Contract – The Core Concept

Service Contracts in the Service Oriented Process

Establishing the SOA Reference Architecture Framework

Understanding the relationship between Style, Concept, Practices and Patterns

Enterprise Architecture Europe – Conference Notebook

Process Logic and the Identification of Service Behavior

A good picture is worth more than a thousand words!

ArchiMate – A Standard for Enterprise Service Modeling

Improving Performance of Healthcare Systems with Service Oriented Architecture

M&A or Business as Usual?

SOA and M&A

Information Services

Stop Press: Global Financial Crisis Halts All SOA Activity!!

SOA Acquisition Guidance

SOA Adoption – Roadmap Planning Framework Update

SOA and Multi-Channel

SOA and Multi-Channel Business

Business Value of SOA An Analysis of the Dell Multi-Channel Case

Human component of heightened fear and uncertainty inhibits SOA strategy?

Book Review : SOA Governance by Todd Biske

CBDI R & D Priorities for 2009

In Search of a Business Improvement Methodology

A Brief Evaluation of Business Modeling and Improvement Methodologies

Service Life Cycle Automation


Articles from 2009

SOA Concept Standards

Service Life Cycle Configuration Management

Exploring Business Improvement

Enterprise Ontology and DEMO

SOA in the Recession

Breathing Life into SOA

An Introduction to SoaML and Its Place within the SAE™ Meta Model

Rich Service Specification

TOGAF 9 complementing SAE practices

IBM WebSphere Service Registry and Repository (WSRR)

Principles - A prerequisite for effective design.

Agile SOA

OutSystems Agile SOA Platform

Software AG CentraSite ActiveSOA

Modernizing Legacy – Thoughts on Analyzing and Classifying Existing Application Landscape

SOA Exception Management

Business Information Improvement

Repeatable, Reusable, Rapid?

Conference Report – The Open Group

Service Implementation Architecture and Automation Unit Specification

Don’t Believe the Hype!

Underlying Services – Architecture for Existing and Acquired Resources

Architecture and Specification of Information Services with Progress DataXtend Semantic Integrator

The Failure of SOA Standards

Orbus Software iServer

CBDI-SAE Meta Model for SOA V3

The Death of Enterprise Architecture?

An Update to the Example Model based on Version 3 of the CBDISAE Meta Model

Using Service Component Architecture (SCA) and SoaML

Ecosystem 2

Service Architecture Evolution

Modeling for Smart Ecosystem Architecture

Now the hype has died down – Application Modernization is the new business as usual

SAE2 Framework for Application Modernization

SAE2 Application Modernization Process

Application Modernization Approaches


Articles from 2010

Agile Application Modernization Project

Business Driven Application Modernization

Getting to Grips with Agility

Agile Application Modernization Project – Part 2 – Analyze and Deliver

Application Modernization Roadmap

Thriving on Chaos?

Application Modernization Project - Portfolio Pathfinders

Modernization and Evolution

The Agile Application Modernization Project – Part 3

Back to the Future – What IS a Service!!

Service Portfolio Planning and Architecture for Cloud Services

SOA and ITIL Framework Collaboration

Portfolio Management and SOA

SOA is business as usual?

Using the COBIT Framework for SOA Governance

Outsourcing Madness

SOA Project Management and Estimating Guidelines

Using the eSCM Framework for Sourcing Capability Management in Conjunction with SAE and ITIL

BPMN and its Role in Application Modernization Projects

CBDI-SAE Reference Framework in 2010

Ten Tips for Outsourcing/Offshoring


Articles from 2011

Head in the Clouds?

Making Sense of Cloud Computing

Business Driven Cloud Strategy

Information Services Architecture for Responsive Process Management

The Parallel Universe Syndrome

Beware the New Silos!

Innovative Business Process Design

The Service Oriented Enterprise

Business Design for the Service Oriented Enterprise

Capability Planning and Analysis

Using Capability Planning and Analysis


Articles from 2012

Raining on the “Cloud Service Model” Parade

Everything is a Service?

Developing an Enterprise Mobility Framework