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Everware-CBDI assists commercial and government enterprises to establish practices that increase quality and productivity for SOA and Application Modernization.

Everware-CBDI best practice assets form a framework toolkit, that allow enterprises to rapidly establish consistent, customized reference architecture and practices covering Planning, Architecture, Logical Design, Governance, Capability Enablement and Management.

The best practice assets are delivered as a set of resources, tools and templates collectively referred to as CBDI Service Architecture & EngineeringTM (CBDI-SAETM). Key points:

  • Based on rigorous foundation with published meta model.
  • Accelerators that avoid reinventing the wheel include reference model, UML Profile, reference architecture and starter policy set, technique guidance, deliverable templates, work breakdown structure and estimating guidelines.
  • Includes guidance on practical application of widely used industry standards including SoaML, TOGAF 9, ITIL, COBIT and BPMN.
  • Reduce effort and time and ensure consistency across the enterprise with repeatable processes and deliverables

Individual CBDI-SAE Knowledgebase Subscription (Bundle Price)

Individual access to the CBDI-SAE Knowledgebase (KB) can be purchased on a subscription basis, for a one year period.

CBDI-SAE Knowledgebase for SOA. Login and Status

Login and status page for subscribers to CBDI-SAE Knowledgebase for SOA

CBDI-SAE Knowledgebase for SOA. Best Practices for SOA

The CBDI-SAE Knowledgebase for SOA provides users with best practices and detailed guidance on all aspects of the CBDI-SAE Reference Framework for SOA.

CBDI Journal. Best Practices for SOA, Enterprise Architecture, Application Modernization and Cloud Computing

The CBDI Journal publishes Best Practices for SOA, Enterprise Architecture, Application Modernization and Cloud Computing. The CBDI Journal is a technical publication providing detailed best practices and guidance for architects, business analysts, project managers and other IT professionals. The CBDI Journal is widely read in commercial and government enterprises and also in the software industry as a source of deep insight for software product architects and product managers.