Workshop: An Architecture Framework for the Agile Service Oriented Enterprise

There’s a debate raging on social media forums about how architecture needs to embrace Agile. But guess what, the majority of Agile practitioners are notable by their absence. The architects are endeavouring to understand the relevance of architecture in an Agile world but the Agile development community mostly seem not to care. What’s happening is that the two domains are parallel worlds that really don’t communicate well. No surprise that Agile methods remain niche in the enterprise. Yet there’s a huge opportunity to integrate Agile methods into the full business delivery life cycle starting with business architecture, to deliver business innovation and agility on an enterprise scale, something that pure Agile methods rarely achieve. It’s time for Agile to get agile.

Everware-CBDI is now facilitating a one day workshop on this topic

A one day workshop presenting architecture approaches that enable and govern the agile, service-oriented enterprise.

Workshop Description
The world today is fast moving, driven by the combination of business and technology that delivers continuous business improvement. New architecture approaches are required that enable rapid response to business demand yet ensures minimum necessary governance to avoid anarchy and manage risk. This is only achievable when the architecture is service oriented at all levels from business through to infrastructure. This is much more than SOA as it is widely practiced; it is embracing pervasive service orientation.
This workshop presents a series of architecture, process and governance techniques that form an intellectually coherent framework that guides the lightweight, rapid architecture activity necessary to be credible with business and IT stakeholders.

Gain understanding of a modern, service oriented architecture framework and its place in the overall solution delivery ecosystem.

Business, Enterprise, Application, and Solution Architects. Governance specialists.

Architecture experience. Knowledge of de facto architecture frameworks.

Outline Agenda

New World Architecture: How does architecture accommodate the new world order?

  • Service Oriented Architecture
  • Federated Architecture
  • Agile Architecture
  • Cloud and Mobile Architecture

Effective Governance: How can governance over architecture and solution and service delivery be achieved in an effective manner?

  • Reference Frameworks
  • Policy Setting
  • Demand Management
  • Portfolio and Product Planning
  • Service and Capability Planning
  • Self-governance
  • Design Authority
  • Twin-Track delivery

Deliverables: How architecture deliverables integrate through Agile delivery processes and model driven architecture tools to enable effective governance.

  • Architectures
  • Contracts
  • Agile MDA

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