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What is the ASF?

An Enterprise Service Platform  - a custom development platform that encapsulates common architecture and code to establish an application infrastructure that governs consistent service delivery. 

A Service Delivery Accelerator – facilitates design by contract in rich service specifications that enable pattern based generation of common core code (80 – 90%) of total, with stubs for business logic to be added. Development teams extend the code in designated locations, but do not touch the 100% industry standard, non-proprietary common core code.

An Agile Process Framework – facilitates build in an agile and iterative manner. Enables platform level change to be introduced into operational software services with minimal or no refactoring.  Manages impact analysis and reduces amount of  code to be managed and evolved by developers by 80 – 90%.

A Transformation Accelerator – facilitates modernization of legacy portfolios into versioned portfolios of shareable, rich services enabling lower-risk, higher-value and ongoing incremental modernization.  

A Professional Service – delivers customized factory for enterprises, either in-house or as a Service